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We are business consultants, strategists and visionaries as well as salesmen.
 Do you need to consolidate your new computer equipment purchases?
 Do you need spare parts / upgrades for older systems?
 Do you need supplies & consumables?
 Do you offer systems integration and need the build items for your
 Do you need a reliable repair facility to handle your repairs?
 Then look no further!
 IEEI is a united states agent for all of your computer needs™
 With our services you will,
 Not fall behind schedule due to late shipments.
 Receive your items with correct part number, model and voltage.
 Not experience delays because of incorrect or inefficient freight
 Not incur unnecessary and additional customs charges due to
    improper documentation.

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We are your USA office.

Count on our 32 years of experience..... You can Rely on IEEI
Service, Service, Service! This can best describe what we have done for over 32 years.

We support 3rd party computer maintenance firms in the USA and world wide with all the computer spare parts they need to keep mainframe, mini and PC based systems up and running. Spare parts include DASD, drives, HDA, planar, CPU, memory, controllers, NAS, SAN, Fibre Channel and any thing else used in system maintenance, including supplies.

We support systems integrators with complete systems and peripheral devices needed to migrate customers from older legacy equipment. Tape libraries, VXA, LTO, DLT, SAIT, Optical libraries like UDO, Sony Blu-Ray, and the ever popular spinning disk RAID NAS and SAN units.

We work with the LATEST in technology offered by manufacturers who manufacturer ground breaking products that save you TIME and MONEY. Located in Orange County, California (SO CAL), we are in a unique position to offer leading edge products to our customers. Let us give you the edge you need to be competitive. The world is flat and getting flatter everyday.

Disk Drives, 14", 8", 5.25", 2.5", 2.5", SMD, SCSI, SATA, FSD, RSD, MFM, Fibre Channel, Printers, Line, Matrix, Band, Media, 5.25, 12", 14" Kodak, Worm, MO, Erasable, Rewritable, Optical Jukeboxes, Exchangers, Drives, Tape drives, Tape Libraries, LTO, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, Ultrium, AIT, DLT, D2D2T, Veritas Backup Exec, EMC Dantz Retrospect

Experience The Difference with IEEI. Let us save you time and money. Over 25 years of reliable service.

vStor eStor

Collaborative editing & post production eco-system. Centralized data management & protection. User access management. Hybrid SSD and HDD support available. Real-time collaborative editing for Avid Xpress, Adrenaline and Nitris; Apple Final Cut Pro; Adobe Premiere; Grass Valley/ Canopus Edius; Sony Vegas and Harris Velocity. Supports DVC Pro HD 100/50, ProRes422, DV25/50, DNxHD, QuickTime, AVI, mpeg2 and mpeg4, up to 25 streams (or equivalent) of DVC ProHD 100 or 50+ DV25 for a single unit. Supports heterogeneous platforms including Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix, simultaneously. Clustering support option for 100+TB collaborative environment with 100 DVC ProHD streams for media and project sharing. Instant local original format search and playback. Redundant power supplies, hot swappable fans and hard drives. Protected and resilient OS systems. All front-loaded hard drives (including OS), no opening box for drive change. Integrated management software for disks, users, and storage management. Automatic email for disk status. Local or remote web browser based management. Browser based user GUI for system and resource management access. IP based access from anywhere in the world to the system. Hot Swappable RAID storage to assure continuous operations. Compatible with other Apace Systems workflow software such as media asset management, data migration, Data back up and archive tools, etc. Advanced built in airflow management assuring system longevity at room temperature without need for specialized infrastructure cooling.


Advanced interactive database-centric media asset management for all media types with built in transcode services and remote access. Browser-based for multiple branch office access via Internet. Support for collaborative post production eco-system. Centralized media management & protection locally and globally. User and media access control.

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  Asaca   ATG   Bull
  Ciprico   Cisco   CDC
  Control Data   Compaq   Cybernetics
  Cygnet   Data Products DPC   DEC Digital Equipment Corp.
  Dell   DG Data General   Emulex
  Exabyte   Filenet   Fujitsu
  Genicom   HP Hewlett Packard   Hitachi
  Honeywell Bull   IBM   Imation
  Imprimis   Intel   Kingston
  Kodak   Lexmark   Maxtor
  Micropolis   NEC   NITIX
  Net Integration   Novell   Okidata
  OTC Output Technology   Panasonic   Perkin
  Elmer   Pinnacle   Philips
  Plasmon   Printronix   Qualstar
  Ricoh   Seagate   SGI
  Sony   Spectra Logics   StoneFly
  SUN   Tally   Toshiba
  Verbatim   Wang and Xerox  

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