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Specials on Media and Print Bands from ieei

Part numbers in blue:

      P5200E, R/W, 5.2GB, r/w media, Plasmon

      2015383RW, MaxOptix, M1300RW MAX Optical

      P5200W, Plasmon Worm Media 5 1/4"

      LM-W1400A, 1.4GB WORM MEDIA, Panasonic


      LM-D702W, Panasonic 500MB single sided medi

      312629, Exabyte, Tape, 8mm Mammoth AME

      80F8915, 6252, 48 CHAR INTL print band

Contact ieei for prices:


Below is a list of the current ieei media inventory. Please email if you are interested. Indicate the quantity you want and the part number and we will send you a quote. Send your email to

      Phillips LM1200 Laser Drive Media

      Kodak Optical Disk Media 10.2 GB

      Plasmon 5.2GB 8x Rewritable Magneto-Optical Disk

      Plasmon UDO 30 GB Write Once WORM

      Panasonic WORM 1.4GB Double Sided Optical Disk Cartridge.

Kodak Optical Disk Media - 10.2GB
14" inch Disk
Part number: 145-8413

Tear Down � (Get the Parts Without The Bulk!)
   ATG Cygnet GM9001/5
10.2GB, 12" optical media

IBM print bands P/N 80F8915
6252, 48 char, International

Dataproducts DP55 spare parts

Infoscribe Model 1100 Spare parts

Plasmon Optical media
Philips Optical Media12"
  • LM1200 2GB
  • LM4000 5.6GB
  • LM6000 12GB
  • LM8000 30GB

Model: P5005B, Printronix 500 LPM Open Pedestal

Key Specs:
  • Print Speed (upper case characters)
  • High speed: 500 LPM
  • Data processing: 375 LPM
  • Near letter quality: 200 LPM
  • Power supply: 110-220V/50/60hz Universal world wide
  • Only 500 LPM Printer in its price range
Best throughput of any line matrix printer in its class (as measured by European Computer Manufacturers Association benchmark tests)

Best print quality from cylindrical carbide tipped hammer springs

Most dependable line matrix printer in its class with new line matrix technology

Automatic operator alert to change ribbons with patented RibbonMinder software

Simplified upgrades and printer operation with flash memory storage of emulation software and printer configurations.

Flexible connectivity with coax/twinax and Ethernet.

Supports almost any computing environment, including Windows, Unix and Linux

Low-cost maintenance

International character sets and auto ranging power supply for worldwide use.

Application software investment protection with Printronix System Architecture software compatible emulations.

Automatic port switching.

Optional quick access version for on-demand applications

Available in three conditions:
  • Brand new: $4470. usd/ea
  • Printronix Factory Refurbished: $3,735. usd/ea
  • IEEI Refurbished: $2,900. usd/ea
      Phillips LM1200 Laser Drive Media

      Kodak Optical Disk Media 10.2 GB

      Plasmon 5.2GB 8x Rewritable Magneto-Optical Disk

      Plasmon UDO 30 GB Write Once WORM

      Panasonic WORM 1.4GB Double Sided Optical Disk Cartridge.

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