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Satisfied with IEEI? We value your feedback

At IEEI our ONLY goal is to make you a SATISFIED customer!!! That's it. Sure we can offer you all kinds of products, with excellent service, but if you are not a SATISFIED customer, we have not done the only job we are in business to do!!!

What is selling?

The technical basis of selling is supplying the precise information every prospective customer needs to make the BEST buying decision.

What is a customer?

There are 4 types of customers:
  1. Prospective Customers : A qualified persons or company with a need for any IEEI related services or equipment. Anyone who has a need, for the benefits or the features of a product or service. Our only goal with a prospective customer is to turn you into a SATISFIED customer.

  2. Satisfied Customers: Satisfied Customers are happy with their purchase of goods or services from IEEI. Whatever was purchased must live up to the customers expectations. The better and better the product or service the higher the level of customer satisfaction! Satisfied customers have a relationship that is strong with IEEI and will continue to place their trust and purchases with IEEI.

  3. Dissatisfied Customers: Customers who have purchase goods or services from IEEI and are not happy with their purchase. The less and less the purchase meets your needs the less satisfied you are. IEEI strives to not allow this to happen.... Ever!

  4. Unsatisfied Customers: Customers who come in contact with IEEI, but do not buy. These customers must continue their search for something to satisfy their needs. These unsatisfied customers were not QUALIFIED correctly. QUALIFYING in selling means the same think that diagnosing does in the field of medicine. It means learning enough about the prospective customer and their needs to as to be able to show them how or what is being sold will best meet those needs!

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