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About Us
Service, Service, Service! This can best describe what we have done for over 25 years.

We support 3rd party computer maintenance firms in the USA and world wide with all the computer spare parts they need to keep mainframe, mini and PC based systems up and running. Spare parts include DASD, drives, HDA, planar, CPU, memory, controllers, NAS, SAN, Fibre Channel and any thing else used in system maintenance, including supplies.

We support systems integrators with complete systems and peripheral devices needed to migrate customers from older legacy equipment. Tape libraries, VXA, LTO, DLT, SAIT, Optical libraries like UDO, Sony Blu-Ray, and the ever popular spinning disk RAID NAS and SAN units.

We support the rich media world with our digital storage solutions. Our customers are Broadcasters, News Production, Animation, Editing suites / studios, Post Production, Special Effects houses and HD film scanning companies world wide. These companies find that working with our IEEI Broadcast division is a nice change from dealing with larger, numbers oriented companies. As SERVICE is a main goal, we know you need to ask a lot of questions before you make a purchase decision. We offer experience and expertise to each and every customer. We VALUE you!

We work with the LATEST in technology offered by manufacturers who manufacturer ground breaking products that save you TIME and MONEY. Located in Orange County, California (SO CAL), we are in a unique position to offer leading edge products to our customers. Let us give you the edge you need to be competitive. The world is flat and getting flatter everyday.
What we do?
Service, Service, Service. We are 29 years old. Dennis Bress Sr. stared the company in 1976. We know international trade, we are responsive

Computer maintenance firms: If you are in the computer maintenance business with 5, 10 or 40 engineers, you need spare parts to give your engineers to keep the systems running on your contracts. Are you tired of scouring the internet for computer spare parts? Is this really how you want to buy thousands of dollars of critical parts? You can "Count" on your IEEI, YOUR USA supplier to get back to you on your request(s) for quotes, process the orders and confirm back the orders via Proforma invoices. With IEEI you can have the orders consolidated into one single shipment. We can ship weekly or monthly. We offer proper paper work and full shipment details relating to the shipment in USA or export. Our order processing includes with every shipment a copy of shipment invoice and AWB so you can track the shipment to your location. Weather you are in North America, South America, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe or Asia, our paper work will allow for timely receipt without delay. All of these steps we provide efficiently and on a consistent basis. Remember we have been doing this for 29 years!!!

Systems Integrators: If you are a Systems Integrator, you know the importance of being able to have the CORRECT equipment for each installation. The computer industry changes and new products are always being released. IEEI is located in Southern California, a hub of major computer manufacturers and designers. We have access to the latest the industry has to offer for Server, Disk, Tape, memory, expansion, and supplies. Let IEEI help you give your customers the options they need to move from LEGACY systems to newer, low cost, robust, expandable replacement technologies. Remember we have been around since 1976. We know the computer industry. Our saying is: Servicing the Computer Industry Since 1976!

Rich Media, Video and Graphic: Broadcasters, Television Stations, NEWS, Editing, Rendering, Post and Pre Production, Special Effects, HD Film Scanning and Digital Camera companies: IEEI Broadcast is in its 5th year as a digital storage supplier to this industry. If any industry has changed more in 5 years, it is Rich Media. With the transition from analog tape based systems to the new DIGITAL file based IT world, companies world wide are working with IEEI to get the latest in tested, reliable storage SOLUTIONS. Not vapor ware but digital storage systems that work! We have a variety of storage systems that work with: Avid, Apple FCP, Pinnacle, Adobe, Canopus, Harris, Sundance Digital, Crispin, Grass Valley Thompson, Infinity, Leitch, Sea Change, EVS and Sony to name a few. IEEI is located in the Media capitol of the world. We are close to Hollywood, Burbank, Chatsworth, and the City of Los Angels. Our location in Orange County and the growth Orange County has in the media space, gives us the ability to work with industry giants, to mid size enterprise to smaller shops. Why spend hours looking for that storage solution you need when you know IEEI can help. We want to know your business and what you want to accomplish. Only then can we offer you viable solutions that can improve workflow, data integrity, and cost savings. Contact IEEI today, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Dennis Bress - President / CEO

Dennis Bress - President / CEO IEEI and IEEI Broadcast

Working in the computer industry since 1982, Dennis is truly an "insider" in the business. After attending South Dakota School of Mining & Technology, he returned to Southern California to help manage his family computer export business. In 1991 he bought the company and continued selling to computer maintenance firms world wide, while running all aspects of a booming tech-business. Dennis has supported Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), HP, SUN, Honeywell Bull and Wang computer systems including attached OEM storage devices by Control Data Corporation (CDC), Imprimis, Seagate and Computer Upgrade Corporations' (CUC) line of Omnistor optical based storage devices. With over 22 years of experience, his product knowledge, vendor relationships and customer loyalty is undeniable.

Dennis not only oversees IEEI maintenance and systems integration business but is head of IEEI Broadcast. IEEI Broadcast offers digital storage solutions that are revolutionary, yet backed with classic technological sensibility. "This is an exciting time for digital storage related products for the RICH MEDIA industry. With our selected world class vendors, I feel we are positioned to be a leader in the growing digital storage market for rich media companies. Our size is our strength. Being a smaller company we offer customer service un paralleled by larger, number oriented companies. We are a full service digital storage company that provides the Broadcaster, NEWS, Post and Pre production, Special Effects, or Game Developers with turn-key realtime edit, graphic and file based storage systems. Our solutions can include hardware, software, installation, training and maintenance. We have long lasting business relationships in this business and are in it for the long-term."

Dennis resides on Balboa Island in Newport Beach California with his wife Summer and their 8 year old twins; son Nigel and daughter Matilda. If he's not hard at work for his customers you may find him coaching little league, playing golf, watching Formula One racing, body surfing, or taking in an Angel's game at Edison Field.

Dennis is a member of the following organizations:

SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

MAOC - Media Alliance of Orange County

Dennis Bress Jr. at Comdex:
The Comdex Convention held every year in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, is a great place to meet the boss! Contact us today to set up an appointment for Comdex.

President Dennis Bress Jr. and
Vice President Summer Bailey at Comdex
International Electronic Enterprises, Inc. - IEEI

Dennis Bress taking time off to ski Big Bear in Southern California.

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