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ieei - Servicing the Computer Industry Since 1976

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Computer Repair Service
IEEI offers repair services for these manufacturers:

Contact ieei today.
Let us know what boards below you need repaired and the quantity.
We will then send you a quote for price and delivery and turn around.

Intel, multibus boards

MIX BBI KX019 board

HP workstations and Single Board computers
HP “TelePACE” workstation product line
A4500-60016 - 744/165L Single Board Computer with On-Board Graphics
A4500-66015 - 744/165L Single Board Computer without On-Board Graphics
A4500-60001 - 744/132L Single Board Computer with On-Board Graphics
A4500-60013 - 744/132L Single Board Computer without On-Board Graphics

Novellus Concept 1 boards used in wafer or chip manufacturing machines, chip I/C integrated wafer production
Part numbers: SBC 86/05 and SBC 86/05A or SBC519 amd SBC 519A

Siemens-Dematic Multibus motherboard IAFCS production test kit
Model 502-27312-00, or a Siemens-Dematic scanner module, part number 32.1543.250-00

The Siemens part number of the Multibus board is 32.1543.250-00 The Multibus number is either an SBC386 or 486
We build them 50 at a time

Concurrent Technologies
PSE/PM1 12
Used in Radar Systems

Contact: Dennis at +1-714-878-1276 Email:

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