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Global Software
IEEI is happy to provide you an extensive range of IBM AS/400 software products via OZ Global Software. OGSW products are available via IEEI.
Please feel free to visit the OGSW web site at
Contact IEEI for special prices.
Let us help you evaluate the "Best of Breed" software for your AS/400, iSeries or i5.

A comprehensive security solution tailored for the iSeries (AS/400, i5) to prevent penetration of your system from the internet or other networks. It is an unparalleled combination of exit-point access control, auditing, reporting, monitoring and IDS early warning in a single product, all tightly controlled through a GUI.

GuardianSave permits a single iSeries to do continuous back up to a local or remote PC without any downtime. If a failure occurs, GuardianSave can recover to the point of failure. GuardianSave can be viewed as "High Availability Lite".

The new upgraded release of SnapShot/400, the great iSeries performance monitoring tool. Many new features! See real time graphical display of activity within the AS/400. Functions include network delay, CPU usage, DASD information on each drive, Job Queue monitoring, CPU grouping by i5 server subsystem and Bsafe/Global Security alerts. Capacity simulator so you can see how your application runs on another machine. Alerts sent to email, phone and beeper.

Convert 5250 screens to web browsers with a single command. No education for the user, no new technology to learn. From green to graphical, with a single command.

Open Source ERP. Odyssey has most of the functionality of SAP and JD Edwards at a small fixed price, regardless of the number of users. Odyssey runs on any platform with any database.
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