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Sony Blue
Sony Blue PDD Library
TeraCart PDD is based on a new Professional Disc for DATA™ technology from Sony Electronics utilizing cartridge-free media for capacities ranging from 2TB to over 33TB in a single library and still requiring no more than a four foot square of floor space.

Combined with the new blue laser technology, these new libraries offer more than four times the capacity of red laser optical libraries and provide up to 11MB/second read and 9MB/second write transfer speeds, making the TeraCart PD an ideal solution for high-performance applications including document and medical imaging, email archiving, enterprise content management, multimedia projects, graphic design, and audio/video editing and authoring. A flexible, standards-based solution, these new libraries can be easily integrated as an integral part of organizations’ overall solution to gain compliance with government regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and HIPAA.

According to internal testing, the estimated storage life of the disc under room temperature is over 50 years. This estimated storage life is superior to other types of media.

With PDD, a single disc can store up to two hours of digital satellite high definition programming at up to 11Mbps, 90 minutes of DVCAM material, or up to 45 minutes of MPEG IMX Material recorded at 50 Mbps (55 minutes at 40 Mbps and 75 minutes at 30 Mbps. Incorporated into the TeraCart (OmniLib), PDD users can access up to 800 hours of HDTV content, yet the library requires no more then 4 square feet of floor space.

Rewritable and write-once media

Two types of single-sided media are available, rewritable and write-once, both offering 23GB of storage capacity. Rewritable media allows data to be rewritten and overwritten repeatedly. Write-once media cannot be reformatted and does not allow data to be overwritten, making it ideal for long-term archiving; as long as there is space available, data can always be added but never altered or deleted.

The blue laser technology offers optical disks at 23.3 gigabytes per media capacity with a transfer rate of 9 Megabyte per drive. The blue Laser technology coupled with the random access feature of optical allows graphical data to be virtually on line.

The ProData Libraries can hold up to the equivalent of 860 hours of DV25 video that can be moved onto a RAID cache for playback. The ProData Libraries can permit broadcast to program and edit in advance while simultaneously queing digital data files to be played in sequence.

These libraries

provide a full hardware solution for unattended digital broadcast backup and restoration. You can have up to 9 terabyte of graphic images available on your network accessible within 15 seconds.
System AM-250 PDD AM-750 PDD AM-1450 PDD
Media Type SONY ProDATA
Disk Capacity 200 to 250 600 to 750
Drive Capacity 1 to 6 1 to 12 1 to 24
Data Capacity 5.8 TB 17.4 TB 33.7 TB
Disc Capacity   23.3 GB  
Picker   2  
Single Sided Media YES YES YES
Import / Export   1 disk Mailbox  
Disk Exchange   8 seconds  
Data Transfer Rate   Up to 11 MB/s  
Host Interface SCSI-2 / Fibre Channel / Ethernet
Disk Magazine   50 Disk / Magazine  
Virtual Libraries YES YES YES
Web-Based Control YES YES YES
Security Front / Rear door key for magazine exchange
Maximum Capacity 1 cab/ 5.8 TB 8 cab/139.2 TB 8 cab/ 270 TB
MSBF 2,000,000 cycles
MTTR Less than 30 minutes
Safety Standards UL , CUL , CE
EMI FCC A Part 15 sub B, EN55022
EMS/EMS EN50082-2, EN61000-3, ENV50204, EC60950
Height [mm] [in] 740 / 29.2 1275 / 50.2 1830 / 72.1
Width [mm] [in] 430 / 17.0 500 / 19.7 500 / 19.7
Depth [mm] [in] 700 / 27.6 700 / 27.6 700 / 27.6
Weight [kg] [lb] 87 / 178 168 / 347 220 / 485
Temperature 5-35 °C
Humidity 15-80 %
Voltage 100-120 / 200-240 / VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 6.5A / 3.3A 7A / 3.5A 12A / 6A
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