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Why use a degausser?

A degausser is used to completely erase all audio, video and data signals from magnetic storage media. Simply overwriting magnetic media does not completely erase data. Only a degausser can remove data 100% and ensure that confidential data is securely and completely erased. Also, degaussing magnetic media on a regular basis means that it can be used again and again. This allows you to recycle your old tapes in a quick and effective manner.

The amount of magnetic media used in the broadcast, computer and software industries has resulted in professional users striving to achieve higher quality and efficiency, whilst at the same time searching for cost savings. By degaussing magnetic media using "deep erasure", created by powerful magnetic fields, users or producers find that previously recorded data, or certification signal can be eliminated completely from tapes, cassettes or cartridges. The effectiveness that this method of erasure achieves far exceeds that of DC erasure (this is the method that is used in hard disk drives).

The resultant benefits are substantial, producers of audio and video tapes achieve better yields as well as increased quality. Data users enjoy greater efficiency due to considerably reduced "error rates". Professsional users in every sector benefit from incorporating degaussing within their magnetic media processing procedure and achieve considerable cost savings by being able to confidentially reuse again and again media previously discarded. All in all there is a very strong financial and operational case to use degaussers, especially manufactured by the world's leading specialists, Verity Systems.

Users of Degaussers

Radio/Television broadcasters: enables expensive tapes to be re-used
Computer departments of corporations: allows re-use of back up tapes and safe disposal of information from PC hard drives.
Data Storage Companies: data no longer needed can be easily and efficiently erased.
Defense Organisations: confidential and top secret information can be erased.
CCTV Operators: allows VHS tapes to be re-used again and again.
Audio/Video duplicators: allows re-use of any production over runs and returned out of date tapes
Financial Services: Banks and insurance companies can use a degausser to re-use magnetic media for voice logging systems
Emergency Services: Re-use tapes used in voice logging systems.
Hospitals: erase sensitive information held on magnetic media, such as patient records no longer required.
Universities: allows student records that are no longer needed to be erased.

Plus many other areas of application.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Degausser

1. Type of media used: What formats do you need to be degaussed? Different degaussers can handle different types of media.

2. Volume of media: How much media do you need to degauss and in what sort of timeframe.

3. Density of media: Magnetic media varies in its density. You will need a degausser with enough power to completely erase data on your media.

4. Type of Operation: Manual or Automatic. Do you have enough time to erase tapes manually or would your prefer an automated system?

5. Propsosed location of Degausser: How much room do you have for a degausser?

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