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New Concept in Video Archiving/Playback

By integrating the server, storage and storage management software and offering them as a complete video archiving solution, station managers have the assurance that all of the components are proven to work together and that integration time as well as the associated costs will be minimized. In addition, the 5-year life cycle costs for these systems are lower because substantially less hardware/software maintenance is required. Media costs are also reduced because the need for a second "safety" copy is eliminated and discs don't have to be refreshed every five years.

With the storage management software included, the complexity of managing Terabytes of video assets is removed. Users can store, browse and transfer content; moving it to the video server for on-air playback or back to the CUC Tape, CUC DVD or CUC Virtual Firefly library for archiving as needed.

The New Equation
Today's broadcaster network managers are not only looking for storage solutions that meet their performance and budget needs, they want proven, industry standard solutions that they won't soon outgrow. They also want a single system to perform many tasks.

Offering a blend of CUC Tape, Spinning Disk CUC “Firefly” , CUC DVD-RAM storage and CUC SAIT Tape storage (500GB per tape) the new video archiving systems have everything Broadcasters need for cost-effectively maximizing their delivery capabilities and taking advantage of the new DTV opportunities.
Product Line

Our new line of Digital Virtual Libraries combines high capacity, high performance and low cost into a single storage system. Digital Virtual Libraries use the latest Serial-ATA technology and provide Fast Random Access data storage when coupled with our advanced silicon switching technology.

By using the built in software of the DVL the user can customize the library to manage multiple virtual libraries within the same cabinet. Each virtual library can use disk configurations to optimize your storage needs, with JBOD, RAID 0,1,5,10 all operating at the same time. Offered in capacities of 12,24 and 48TB at 400 MB/SEC access speed! The Firefly runs on the equivalent of 8, 120w light bulbs. Virtual On Line speed at Near Line prices.


Digital Virtual Libraries use the latest DVD-RAM technology to provide Fast Random Access data storage, and when coupled with our advanced robotics provides the Highest Density storage in the Industry.

Each virtual library can use different media to optimize your storage needs, with DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-R/W all operating at the same time.

Tape Libraries

The OmniLib TLS-5000 Series is the first family of Automated Tape Libraries using Sony's new SAIT (SuperAIT) tape drive technology to deliver ultra-dense enterprise class backup and near online data storage solutions.

The SAIT-1 tape drive is the result of combining the best features of Sony's widely used AIT recording technology with the increased media area afforded by the ½-inch tape format. In the advanced robotic design, SAIT yields industry-leading capacity, storage density, performance and reliability.


The broadcast industry has been searching for many years for an answer to the problem of long-term retention of material stored on their video servers. While there have been products introduced which solve this problem from a technical standpoint, they were in most cases too expensive or too complicated or both.

Computer Upgrade is working to solve this problem with the introduction of the SGL FlashNet product into the broadcast video market. Building on the extensive install base of FlashNet in other industries, CUC has integrated SGL's flagship archive management software with the all the major video servers with Asaca DVD libraries, the new Firefly and High Speed S-AIT tape to provide reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use archive solutions.


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