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StoneFly ValueSAN
Corporate Overview StoneFly
 Founded April 2000
 Headquarters in San Diego
 Raised $34M from top-tier investors
 Active, long-standing member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
 Developed the iSCSI standard
 Shipping IP SAN based solutions since June 2002 with installations at over 250 customer locations
 Over a Petabyte installed
The Storage Problem for SMBs
 Data Growth: Fixed Storage Content Growing 90% Annually
 Electronic Mail, Presentations, Video Files, etc.; Internet and e-Commerce (customer data collection)
 Limited Budgets and Resources
 IT budget and resources do not track growth
 Increased requirements without corresponding budget
 Legacy Systems: DAS and traditional network backup are the prevailing tools for storage management
 Direct Attached Storage is inefficient and must be managed on a server-by-server basis
 Infrastructure: Backup must share 10/100 LAN resources and is both labor and time intensive
 Rapidly expanding data assets cannot be supported with current infrastructure
Key Requirements of SMBs
 Scalable and Flexible Storage Capacity
 Efficient and Economical Storage
 On-Demand Capacity
 Improved System Availability and Recoverability
 All Critical Computing Assets – Not Just Somee
 Increase Overall Uptime – Accelerated Recoverability
 Improved Data Protection / Integrity
 More Timely Data Backups
 Shrink Potential Data-Loss Windows
 Regulatory Compliance
 Storage Management and Optimization Tools
 Reduce Operational Costs
 Proactively Manage the Storage Environment
StoneFly Software Solutions
 Based on “Open” Architecture and existing IP network
 Linux-based StoneFusion® software on a Dell server
 Re-branded software from industry leading partners
 Both Infrastructure and Enterprise-wide
 SAN-centric solutions delivered via StoneFusion
 Enterprise-wide solutions via reselling OEM software
 Backed by single point of service
 StoneFly provides 7x24 service on all products
 One phone call solves problem - no finger pointing, no hassles
 Economical and easy to deploy
 Best value over time
 Solutions improve as technology advances
 New features are easily added
StoneFly Value-Added Software
High Availability Method of Operation Method of Data Access Recovery Operating System
StoneFly Replicator® Remote Asynchronous Mirroring Recover on Remote Server Windows and Unix
StoneFly ReflectionTM Synchronous Mirroring Recover to Secondary volume OS Independent
Data Recovery Method of Operation Method of Data Loss Recovery(e.g. deletion, overwrite, corruption) Operating System
StoneFly Replicator® CDP Continuous Data Replication Rollback to Earlier Point in Time (Application Aware) Windows only(FS, SQL, Exchange)
StoneFly Snapshot PIT Snapshots Rollback to Previous Snapshot OS Independent
StoneFly Backup Advantage Backup & Restore Restore From Disk or Tape Windows, Unix, LinuxHPUX, AIX, etc.
iSCSI Revenue Growth

 Band 2&3: $5k-$15k  Band 4: $15k- $50k
 2005 - $230M  2005 - $250M
 2006 - $670M  2006 - $500M
 2007 - $1.4B  2007 - $800M
Introducing StoneFly ValueSAN from IEEI.COM
 Hits market need with prices starting at under $10,000
 Delivers best value over time
 Scales in both capacity and nodes
 A single array supports multiple drive capacities
 Wide range of data protection and storage management software options
 Meets the customer needs now and grows as they grow
 FailOver clusters to support high availability
 Fibre Channel SAN Extension to integrate with corporate networks
 Best-in-class service and support with proven history of reliability
Pricing. Contact IEEI.COM
ValueSAN Configuration* Drives/Capacity Price
Entry Level Half-Populated 6 x 160/960 GB
6 x 250/1.5 TB
6 x 400/2.4 TB
Entry-Level Fully Populated 12 x 160/1.92 TB
12 x 250/3.0 TB
12 x 400/4.8TB
Six-Pack 160 GB
              250 GB
              400 GB
6 x 160/960 GB
6 x 250/1.5 TB
6 x 400/2.4 TB
Expansion Array 1.92 TB
                          3.0 TB
                          4.8 TB
12 x 160/1.92 TB
12 x 250/3.0 TB
12 x 400/4.8 TB
Storage Concentrator i3000 FailOver Cluster for High Availability $4,995
*Other Configurations Available. Price are subject to change. USA domestic, contact IEEI for International prices.
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