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Tear Down
Attention Maintenance Organizations
IEEI Introduces Our Newest Service:

Tear Down (Get the Parts Without The Bulk!)

1.You pay one Low Purchase Price For a Complete Peripheral and/or System PC's Printers Terminals Disc/Floppy/Tape Drives Main Frame/Mini Computers

2.IEEI Does the Tear Down We tear the item down to its individual parts, (minus the heavy metal frames and plastic housings.)

3.You Receive All the Parts For One Impossible to Beat Low Price. Huge overall savings Savings on freight costs Adds to your inventory

Why buy just 1 main logic board, when you can get that same main logic board, plus other PCBA's, plus motors, plus belts, for no additional charge?

  • AT&T Globalyst PC's
  • Seagate Disc Drives (8 & 14")
  • IBM PS/2 PC's
  • Modcomp
  • Optical Media 5 1/2" & 12"
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