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StoneFly ValueSAN
Best Value Over Time in an IP SAN

The StoneFly ValueSAN™ product line delivers the ultimate in scalability and advanced features at an incredibly low price. Based on the extensible StoneFusion® 4.0 OS, Storage Concentrator® i3000 delivers best in class flexibility and performance to deliver the best value over time so the IP SAN can grow along with your needs. Starting at 960 GB and scaling to 19.2 TB in a single node, the IP SAN also scales by adding Storage Concentrator nodes.

Key features include advanced storage management functions, such as synchronous mirroring through StoneFly Reflection and StoneFly Snapshot. Complete with the StoneFusion OS, ValueSAN provides storage provisioning to present SAN storage to hosts as local disks.

ValueSAN storage arrays come with an abundance of high-reliability features, including advanced sub-array support with true RAID data protection built with the latest Serial ATA high-speed disk drives. To provide enterprise-level performance, StoneFly also offers a wide range of software and hardware options, such as Continuous Data Protection, D2D Backup and FailOver.

The ValueSAN line brings unprecedented scalability to your IP SAN. Each StoneFly ValueSAN node supports from one halfpopulated array up to four RAID arrays and provide data recovery and business continuance support, such as mirroring and Snapshot. The StoneFly IP SAN scales by adding both storage per node and number of additional Storage Concentrator i3000 nodes.

StoneFly ValueSAN Benefits:
  • IP-based block-level provisioning appliance centralizes storage management, control, and monitoring of logical storage volumes
  • Easy-to-use HTML-based management interface
  • Built-in StoneFly Reflection for local and campus synchronous mirroring of Storage Concentrator volumes
  • Includes StoneFly Snapshot to protect against loss of critical data
  • Centralizes access and control, allowing administrator to designate which physical storage devices are accessible to individual hosts
  • Allows administrator to quickly respond to changes in storage requirements
  • Supports a wide range of software, including StoneFly Replicator® CDP, and StoneFly Backup AdvantageTM
  • All ValueSAN storage arrays features hotswappable drive tray mechanisms, automatic drive failure detection, online rebuild, and hotswappable power supplies and cooling fans
  • Scales in capacity in six-drive increments that also support different size drives in a single array
  • Completely compatible with existing StoneFly IP SANs
Scalable and Modular

StoneFly ValueSANs include Storage Concentrators and advanced RAID storage from a single source provider. StoneFly ValueSANs are designed to give you a simple, intelligent and affordable entry to the benefits of storage networking that grows over time.
  • Modular configuration protects your investment—add only what you need with a cost effective, expandable package
  • Built-in StoneFly Snapshot and StoneFly ReflectionTM synchronous mirroring
  • Version 4.0 of the StoneFusion® Intelligent Network Storage Platform
  • Add on advanced data protection software such as backup and restore, replication, and continuous data protection
  • Affordable storage that can be increased as your data grows
    • Ability to add two different capacity drives in a single array
    • Unsurpassed fault tolerance with ability to sustain more than one disk failure and faster rebuilds to reduce the exposure time of a failure
StoneFly ValueSAN nodes start with one array populated with either six or twelve drives. Add a six-pack of drives or additional arrays one at a time or in groups to scale capacity easily and quickly. You can even start with one size drive and add a larger capacity six-pack when you want to upgrade. The ValueSAN line grows as you grow with advanced software features as well, delivering the best value over time.

Entry-Level ValueSAN Node Capacity Drive Configuration
VS-160-SB-6 960 GB 6 160GB
VS-160-SB-12 1.92 TB 12 160GB
VS-250-SB-6 1.5 TB 6 250GB
VS-250-SB-12 3.0 TB 12 250GB
VS-400-SB-6 2.4 TB 6 400GB
VS-400-SB-12 4.8 TB 12 400GB
Expansion Arrays for ValueSAN Capacity Drive Configuration
VS-160-SA-6 960 GB 6 160GB
VS-160-SA-12 1.92 TB 12 160GB
VS-250-SA-6 1.5 TB 6 250GB
VS-250-SA-12 3.0 TB 12 250GB
VS-400-SA-6 2.4 TB 6 400GB
VS-400-SA-12 4.8 TB 12 400GB
Expansion Drives for ValueSAN Capacity Drive Configuration
VS-160-DP-6 960 GB 6 160GB
VS-250-DP-6 1.5 TB 6 250GB
VS-400-DP-6 2.4 TB 6 400GB

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