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StoneFly Replicator® CDP
Seamless and Efficient Data Recovery

The integrity of business systems and their data are critical to enterprises of all sizes. Each minute of lost data availability or compromised information integrity translates directly to unrecoverable revenue, and interruptions in information flow that may take a serious toll on the very heart of your business. StoneFly Replicator® CDP is an integrated data recovery solution that replicates not only files, but also databases and entire applications. It is ideal for meeting data recovery point objectives (RPO).

Specifically designed to work in an IP SAN environment, StoneFly Replicator CDP is application-aware, with modules that support the following applications:
  • Replicator CDP for Microsoft SQL servers is designed explicitly for SQL databases
  • Replicator CDP for Microsoft Exchange supports the special needs of Exchange email applications
  • File Servers in Windows 2000/2003 environments
An advanced Rewind technology provides a comprehensive undo capability that allows system administrators to instantly roll back damaged data resources to a previous, valid state. Because the Rewind is application aware, it can rollback transaction by transaction until the exact point of data loss. Regardless of the type and severity of the challenge your information infrastructure may face, StoneFly Replicator CDP can ensure data integrity.

StoneFly Replicator CDP seamlessly replicates data from a master server across the WAN to a replicate server.

Features & Benefits:

Seamless Recovery: Recovering from data loss or corruption is effortless and practically immediate. Entire databases, along with open files and system settings are synchronized, ensuring that every bit of information, up to the moment catastrophe strikes, is backed up and ready to serve again.

Application Aware: Modules tailored specifically for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and File Servers for ease of application management

Intuitive Management GUI: Simple and centralized disaster recovery management

Soft Installation : (patented): Non-disruptive installation with no downtime. Users can continue to use the application during install

Rewind Technology: Accelerated recovery from data corruption minimizes loss of data

Granular Restore: In addition to entire datasets and volumes, easily restores a single file, email message, or SQL database record

Enhanced Availability: Supports manual switch over and switch back at the server and database level

StoneFly Replicator CDP Applications

Data Recovery

StoneFly Replicator CDP maintains fully functional replicas of file, database and complete application servers with real-time replication carried out over the WAN. Should a server fall prey to unexpected failure, its synchronized counterpart may be brought on-line to maintain high data availability, and users will have continued access to information resources.

Disaster Recovery

No information system is impervious to unexpected disaster. Whether natural misfortune or malicious attack, your business may find itself instantaneously deprived of its critical information. StoneFly Replicator CDP provides continuous data protection, allowing quick and easy data recovery from any catastrophe.

Server Migration

Taking a server off-line to have its hardware or operating system software upgraded, and moving or changing network configurations doesn’t have to mean downtime. StoneFly Replicator CDP temporarily replaces servers during migration or maintenance activities, ensuring uninterrupted data availability.

Data Distribution

StoneFly Replicator CDP may be used to provide complete corporate information repositories distributed and synchronized across multiple servers. Employees and representatives in the field will benefit from optimized, local access to crucial corporate information.

StoneFly Replicator CDP is controlled from a centralized management console via an HTML browser.


Method of Operation: Block Synchronization, File Synchronization or Raw

Master Server to Replica Server
IP SAN Volume to IP SAN Volume

IP SAN Platform:
StoneFly Storage Concentrator i3000 running
StoneFusion™ Network Storage Platform

Operating System
Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server

Application Modes:
  • Server
  • File System
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
Synchronization Mode: Automatic (online) or Scheduled

Throttling: Yes

Data Compression: Yes

Rewind: Application-aware Rewind that returns data store to an earlier point-in-time, which can restore a corrupted volume and bring an application back online more quickly than restoring from tape

HTML-based GUI Manager
Command Line Interface (CLI)

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