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Stonefly Backup AdvantageTM
Accelerate Backup & Restore Times While Reducing Cost

StoneFly Backup Advantage (SBA) is a complete disk-to-disk backup solution that higher performance provides a cost-effective way of offloading backup and restore operations from the company LAN onto a dedicated Ethernet IP SAN (Storage Area Network). With this integrated hardware and software approach, the typical constraints imposed by the LAN are removed from the backup process and the burden of backup traffic placed on the IP SAN.

SBA resolves the conflict between data backups and shrinking backup windows. Instead of backing up data one server at a time, data can now be backed up from multiple servers simultaneously onto a centralized storage network, slashing backup times.

SBA manages the backup process and sends client data from DAS or internal disk on host servers to the IP SAN during the normal backup window. Likewise, network logical volumes are also backed up to backup volumes. Older volumes with client data can later be sent to tape as a background activity. Optional replication software can copy backup volumes to a remote site.

StoneFly Backup Advantage Benefits
  • Uses disk for fast, near-term backup and restore with a lower cost of ownership, ease of use, and higher performance
  • Maximizes your investment in people, equipment, and infrastructure while minimizing costs and simplifying operations
  • Offloads LAN-attached backups to the IP SAN creating a “LAN-free” backup environment
  • Using optional StoneFly Replicator® or Replicator® CDP, replicates backup data to a remote IP SAN to provide effective disaster recovery and rapid business resumption at a minimal cost
  • Solves longstanding problems with tape-based backup, such as performance, recoverability, and manageability, at a price point well within budget
  • Achieves the benefits of disk-to-disk backup, including faster restores, lower labor costs (50% lower according to the Metagroup), lower operating costs, and increased management efficiency
  • Reduces the impact of tape-related failures
  • Zero-window backup using StoneFly Snapshot or StoneFly Reflection frees application servers and minimizes database quiesce time
StoneFly Backup Advantage Complete Backup Solution Includes:

StoneFly IP SAN

Storage Concentrator
  • iSCSI-based Storage Provisioning Appliance with logical volume management
  • StoneFusion® Network Storage Platform
  • Utilizes existing Ethernet network infrastructure
  • StoneFly Reflection™ Synchronous Mirroring and StoneFly Snapshot to support Zero Window Backup
Enterprise-class RAID storage
  • Available in capacities of 1.2TB and up
  • Uses the latest advanced hot-plug ATA or Serial ATA disk drives
SBA Backup Software (powered by CommVault)
  • Policy-based data management allows easy operation while providing the power of a robust backup solution
  • Flexible media management and single, universal console
  • Enterprise client coverage for Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Novell, Oracle, Informix, SQL, Lotus Notes and Exchange
StoneFly Backup Advantage Documents
  • Hardware and Software Documentation
Optional Module for Archiving
  • Support for WORM drives and other optical media
  • Meets Regulatory Requirements for long-term permanent storage
For more information on using StoneFly Backup Advantage, visit the StoneFly Website at:
  • Information LifeCycle Management Using StoneFly Backup Advantage
  • Seven Steps to Cost Effective Backup and Restore
  • The Secret to Protecting Critical Data
  • StoneFly Backup Advantage –
    Using an IP SAN for Storage Consolidation, Automated Disk-to-Disk Backup, Archiving & Remote Replication

Financial Advantages

Improves alignment of IT goals with business goals
  • Greater employee productivity by increasing access to and protection of vital business data
Manages infrastructure cost and help increase cash flow
  • Faster ROI with lower total cost of ownership due to storage consolidation, improved backup operations, and disaster recovery processes
Operational Advantages

Improved backup operations
  • If a backup fails for any reason, when the backup is restarted SBA picks up at the point of interruption rather than all the way at the beginning, saving time
  • Auxiliary copy feature to backup data from one server and then, without user intervention, have that server forward a backup copy to another server, even if it is in a remote location
  • Zero-window backup, based on StoneFly Snapshot or StoneFly ReflectionTM, automates backup the data on application servers without taking them offline by using a snapshot or mirror image of the volume
  • Supports backup copies for different media formats
  • Cost-effectively manage location of valuable data, automatically matching it to the most cost-effective resource
  • Standardizes and automates key policies and procedures
  • Streamline operations for lights-out operations and efficient resource utilization
Business Advantages

Meets regulatory or statutory requirements
  • Application integration diminishes exposure and reduces liability
Prepares organization for Disaster Recovery
  • Supports remote data replication using optional StoneFly Replicator or StoneFly Replicator CDP
  • Reliable data protection strategy and policy reduce risk
Meets competitive and market challenges

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