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 Avid Off Load YES Mac_PC Unity Apace Systems IEEI TV 072006

The product: Apace Systems eStor 18TB high speed 4U NAS

One 18TB NAS achieved:

1. Digital Content Consolidation using 18TB of RAID 6 support. RAID 6 allows for 2 drive failures and not one like RAID 5. Also Apace RAID 6 is fast! Over 250MB per second throughput.

2. Allows for easy back up of digital media without 3rd party backup software or tape based storage

3. Avid Unity Off Load provides for off load of Unity content for backup or extra space

Apace Systems, Orange California July 14th 2006 – Apace Systems has successfully deployed an exciting new workflow, facilitating consolidation of all Trinity Broadcasting Networking (TBN) digital content storage needs, using Apace Systems latest 18TB eStor platform Network Storage platform. eStor high performance Network Attach Storage (NAS) platform offers over 250Mbytes/sec of throughput using RAID-6 protection for digital content protection, provides the capability to recover from two simultaneous disk failures with its hot swappable 750GB s-ATAII drives.

TBN decided to use eStor for its massive available storage and its unique workflow in support of Avid Unity storage Off-load.

As a hybrid primary networked storage and archive storage TBN decided to deploy eStor for four of their digital media workgroups storage consolidation. Namely, via flexible Multi-GE network connectivity

(a) TBN team was able to offer a consolidate shared network storage for their FCP editing workflow

(a) TBN team was able to offer a consolidate shared network storage for their FCP editing workflow

(a) TBN team was able to offer a consolidate shared network storage for their FCP editing workflow

(d) Most important of all be able to off-load TBN’s AVID Unity media content to eStor.

The task of interoperability of Unity and eStor is handled by offering Gateway functionality between AVID and eStor as well as protecting Avid data using eStor’s RAID-6 data protection scheme. As a part of Avid Off-load support, all the Avid MXF files can be off-loaded to eStor as a disk based archive for Avid Unity and facilitate opening up room on the precious AVID Unity Storage platform. To facilitate the ease of storage management for all workgroups’ consolidated storage, Apace Systems’ eStor is managed via a Web based GUI by the TBN administrator from any local IP node no-site or off-site over Internet. With this simple but power management tool, all the rights of access to dedicated storage partitions of workgroups are monitored and changed from one central location. Given the benefit of eStor’s Gigabit Ethernet LAN based connectivity and heterogeneous support of MAC, PC and UNIX and Linux based client nodes any workgroup at TBN can be supported over simple GE IP connection over their LAN network. All the nodes in the different workgroups see eStor as their network drive and interact with it as they would with their local drive. The benefit of eStor very high throughput optimization for push/pull of digital content such as uncompressed video, allows eStor to play an important role balancing required response time from different TBN workgroups all from the same System. In the case of Avid unity off-load, Apace Systems has offered an end-to-end approach to addressing the management of the content from and back to Avid Unity as a part of archive and retrieve storage process transparent to the Avid Unity and its editing workgroup. In summary, TBN has been able to facilitate consolidation of all of its storage needs and off-load its AVID Unity avoiding complex archive to tape. Also, TBN consolidated storage strategy over IP based LAN allows for ease of access and view from of all of its digital content from any IP network over the world.

Tim Doring, Post Production supervisor from TBN said, “we can intelligently leverage workflows and storage solutions offered from Apace Systems such as facilitating Offloading our Avid Unity content.”

IEEI.TV is Gold Channel Partner to Apace Systems. Contact me below and let's talk about how our team can help you in this file based world using the Apace Systems tools that allow for Digital Content Consolidation.

Apace Systems announce general availability of highest performance RAID-6 eStor NAS platforms with 18TB of in a single 4U chassis

Orange, Calif., July 21st, 2006 – Apace Systems Corporation®, a leading network storage system manufacturer and solutions provider for video editing and digital content archive markets, announced the fastest RAID-6 solution to date with massive 18TB of storage in a single 4U rackmount chassis. This platform upgrade targets consolidated disk based storage workflows with simple connectivity of IP based Multi-Gigabit Ethernet and 10GE (cx4 copper interface) connectivity and scalable for multiple boxes setup.

Apace Systems’ three NAS platforms, namely, e1500, e2000, and e2500 series are all enhanced to support up to 18TB of networked storage and RAID-6 disk protection at a throughput of 200 to 300 Mbytes/sec over IP based GE and 10GE networks. The offering allows the company to target different price performance points of the market in need for capacity, performance and reliability.

The benefit of the RAID-6 is to recover from two simultaneous disk failures without loss of data, and Apace Systems’ eStor platform added value is to handle the heavy video traffic supporting RAID-6 without a compromise in performance. eStor Raid-6 benefits video users in two ways: 1) When a single drive fails, a hot swappable disk exchange allows for data rebuilt and recovery process with minimal performance impact on on-going work in process; 2) When a single drive fails in a RAID, replacing drive and rebuild process can be scheduled around users work, instead of being a disruptive event. Also, with RAID-6 during the rebuilt of first drive if a second drive goes bad the system can still recover.

“In conjunction with great resilience, eStor series offer a simple and interoperable management interface compared to complex SAN management software. Unlike eStor approach, when users install a SAN workgroup and later install another SAN without attention to interoperability and integration between different SAN vendors they are stuck with storage islands. With introducing eStor in the workflow we avoid the problem pre- SAN installation or tie the SANs together as a storage consolidator if they have already gone the SAN path,” said Jeanclaude Toma, Executive VP of Apace Systems.

“By offering a consolidated, centralized, reliable and high performance networked storage node, everyone can be given rights to access and share content in the entire organization more easily on-site as well as off-site. A consolidated digital storage device accessible from any IP node in the world has a lot of value for our customers, especially since every client node comes with GE and IP connection built into it these days and the fact that we have an FTP server built into our storage systems to further facilitate this access,” added Toma.

eStor as a primary performance storage or a disk based archive can be easily scaled up by adding more units to the workflow via simply connecting another eStor to the GE or 10GE Ethernet fabric. As a result, the storage scalability is in both capacity and performance with addition of each additional eStor NAS unit to the storage farm. Also, eStor can support Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) and Distributed File System (DFS) for better user management and load balance. It can be interoperable with Windows client nodes that need a single virtual volume view. eStor platforms support Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix and Solaris based client networks via CIFS/SMB and NFS and without any complex and burdening agents on the clients. Also, all Apace Systems offer complete control to the IT administrator to access and manage the system from any IP node on the internet with a simple yet powerful web based GUI interface.

“We’re responding to customer demand for storage to support non-interrupted and non-degradated workflow even in case of multiple disk failures. By introducing high performance and high density RAID-6 network storage, users now can carry out their media work with the performance and capacity they need with peace of mind for their content. The simplicity and ease of access at the global level will increase the value of content and the associated ROI for our customers. IP based access is the true standard that allows such a reach for now and future,” said Dr. Lee Hu, the president and CEO of Apace Systems. “Apace is well positioned to capitalize on these trends and being focused in digital content dataflow management is where we will best increase customer value,” added Dr. Hu.

The products with GE or 10GE cx4 interfaces are GA and shipping now.

About Apace Systems Corporation

Apace Systems Corporation is a video Network Storage Systems Manufacturer located in Orange, California. The company offers innovative high-performance network storage for video creation, archive, and distribution. The company serves high growth post-production, broadcast, as well as other emerging media centric markets involving networked storage for video and audio. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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