Experience Makes the Difference

When Dealing With

Other U.S. Distributors, Do You...

  • Fall behind schedule due to late shipments?
  • Receive goods only to find that the part, model or voltage is wrong?
  • Experience delays because of incorrect or inefficient freight forwarding?
  • Incur unnecessary and additional customs charges due to improper documentation?

Experience the Difference
With I.E.E.I

I.E.E.I is a family owned and operated export company with over 25 years of experience. We can find the best products at competitive prices and consolidate your entire computer-related order using our expertise in all forms of international commerce. We specialize in older equipment both new and refurbished, 220V/50Hz and other hard to find items. I.E.E.I., "A United States Agent For All Of Your Computer Needs™," promises you hard work, great prices, top quality service and above all...experience.

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